Whereas formal degrees are typically viewed as “order qualifiers,”  professional certifications are the “order winners” that can put you over the top of the competition for either promotions or new positions.   SCE has worked with thousands of professionals like yourself to prepare them to sit for key certification exams.   The main focus of our training is on exam preparation – in effect – how to be a good test-taker.
Key certification preparation include: CPSM – Certified Professional in Supply Management, CPIM – Certified in Planning and Inventory Management and CLTD – Certified Professional in Logistics, Transportations and and Distribution.
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Procurement, like latte or capuccino to simple coffee is now referred to as the in vogue:  Supply Management (SM).  SCE has designed key courses in Procurement/SM both as Masterclasses and professional development (P/D) courses to meet your educational needs.
Our Masterclasses include: Value Added Procurement, Negotiation and SRM, Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management, Negotiating, Implementing and Managing Successful Contracts and Advanced Strategic Supply Chain Management. Our P/D courses consist of:  Implementing Strategic Sourcing, Fundamentals of SRM, 21st Century Negotiations, Applications in Cost Modeling and Principles of Contracting.
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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the broader concept and is defined as the forward flow of products/services, the backward flow of feedback in order to maximize profit. With the start of the pandemic, SCM is now a household word.  SCE has designed key courses in SCM to address the key focus areas.
Our Masterclasses include:  Advanced Certificate in Optimizing Warehousing and Logistics and Basics of Supply Chain Management. Our P/D courses consist of:  Managing Risk in the Supply Chain, Applications in Demand and Forecasting,  Fundamentals of Inventory Management, How to Optimize Logistics and 21st Century Project Management.
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Meet the team

Patrick Woods

Global Business Educator

Patrick Woods is an international trainer and highly experienced senior executive who specializes in procurement, supply chain management and executive leadership training. Patrick has had the phenomenal opportunity to work with over 300 companies in the U.S., Asia, the Netherlands, the Middle East, Africa, India and Central America. Now, in a collaboration with Missouri State University, Patrick is conducting professional development trainings for key corporations, including Value Added Procurement, Negotiations and SRM, Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management and the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® .

Lucrecia Farrier


As President, Lucrecia Farrier works very closely with our leading educator – Patrick Woods coordinating international masterclasses and travel. She is  also the liaison between Supply Chain Education and our sponsoring partner, Missouri State University. Additionally, she oversees Business Development – with new accounts in both Costa Rica and the USA.

Darline Campos

Director of Business Development

I am a dedicated and passionate person when it comes to education. For over 10 years, I have worked as an educator with elementary and pre-school children with a focus on ESL-English As A Second Language. Having lived in both the United States and Costa Rica, I am fluent in both the English and Spanish languages. In summary, I was a dedicated professional who played a vital role in shaping the educational foundation of young learners, fostering their academic, social, and emotional growth. So now, I am excited to embark on this new career direction as I can apply the same skill sets that I mastered with very young learners and now direct this toward adult learners that work for professional organizations.

Richard Arnott


Richard is the Director of BMTG (UK) Ltd and is the author of the ACEA® course.

In his career, Richard was an accomplished Managing Director, International Programme Director and Big 4 Management Consultant specialising in project/programme management, strategic business transformation and change management within the Financial Services, Utilities, Logistics and Infrastructure sectors.  Richard has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the USA.

Jeffrey Schmedeke


Jeffrey is the Founder of NextDev Worldwide and is a  globe-traveling professional with 25+ years of international client relationship development and strategic analysis across several business functions and industry sectors. He is recognized for high-level program development and execution as well as for professional presentations about global topics and trends.  

Rita Wenthold


Rita has always worked in accounting/finance and after 3 years as a D.O.D. Family Services Financial Planner in Germany, returned to college, passed CPA exams and graduated Magna Cum Laude from UTSA in 1990.  At the San Antonio H-E-B headquarters for ten years, she started as a Store Accounting Supervisor then advanced to be an Assistant Controller and upon earning an Executive MBA from the University of Texas Austin in 1995, became a brand developer in      H-E-B Category Management. Recruited to Harland Clarke Holdings Corp (formerly Clarke American and now Vericast) to develop a more centralized strategic procurement supplier relationship management culture and align personnel to help attain the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award, she led procurement teams for fifteen years before retiring as an Executive Director.  She was over SOX purchasing controls while there and earned her C.P.M. lifetime and CPSM® professional certifications from the Institute for Supply Management. She also served on the BOD for ISM-San Antonio for 15 years.

Our credibility – 3 is the charm





Regarding CPSM

I just wanted to send a short note thanking you for spending Saturdays with me and the others in your first CPSM Bridge class last year as it was a huge part of how I passed the exam.

Ray – Manager, Planning and Purchasing
Boeing – USA

Regarding ACEA

I extremely admire Patrick Woods’ awesome-inspiring energy and creative mindset and inspirational stories.  Thank you so much for facilitating such a positive learning environment.  For being so creative-minded and inspirational stories.    Thank you so much for facilitating such a positive learning environment.  For being so creative and passionate about your teaching, subject and how you communicate ideas and unique live lessons with us.  For allowing us to question without judging and having a growth mindset with us.  You are a truly amazing mentor.

Executive Support Professional
WWF-Worldwide Fund for Nature – Vietnam

Regarding PSCRM

This is the most value added training I have had in my 19 years of working experience and I started putting to use what I learnt from Day 1.

Procurement Manager
West African Gas Pipeline Company – Nigeria

Regarding CPSM

Since you are so integrally involved with the “cause” C.P.S.M., I thought I would pass along my experience as a direct result of obtaining my certification. My engineering firm promptly increased my salary by $20,000/year and promoted me from assistant buyer to lead buyer. Pass that along to anyone that questions the value of certification.

Procurement Manager
CDI Engineering – USA

We’ve got the course for you!


The CPSM is a globally recognized professional credential offered by ISM (Institute for Supply Management), the largest Supply Management (SM) association in the world as well as the most respected. 

Being certified as a CPSM means that the holder has achieved mastery of SM’s core competencies.  The certification’s program’s emphasis on the integration of the strategic Supply Chain, along with procurement and SM, prepares the practitioner to move beyond tactical thinking in order to generate strategic solutions and to evolve continually in the rapidly changing SM environment.  Since it’s inception in 2008 and major revision in 2018, there are approximately 15,000 CPSMs from 68 different countries.


APICS, which is now part of the ASCM umbrella (www.ascm.org), offers their CPIM – Certified In Planning** and Inventory Management credential to supply chain professionals.  Since 1973, more than 100,000 SCM professionals have received this designation and is recognized worldwide as the measurement criterion for professional competence in manufacturing and control.   **In February 2021, this program was changed to reflect the current; end-to-end supply chain and although the Credential’s acronym will remain the same, changing the “P” in CPIM from Production to Planning better represents the program’s subject matter and content. The CPIM program provides a comprehensive body of knowledge, best practices and standards to allow Mi participants to better respond to supply disruptions, respond to demand variations and manage supply chain risk.


All of SCE’s Procurement courses are based on both academic research as well as best practices utilized in Fortune 100/500 corporations from all over the world.   We cover the full spectrum of the key areas in Procurement (Supply Management).

Masterclasses:  16 hours of on-demand/E-Learning:

  • VAPNS – Value Added Procurement, Negotiation and SRM
  • PSCRM – Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management
  • NIMSC – Negotiating, Implementing and Managing Successful Contracts
  • ASSCM – Advanced Strategic Supply Chain Management

Professional Development:  6 hours of on-demand/E-Learning: 

  • Implementing Strategic Sourcing
  • Fundamentals of SRM
  • 21st Century Negotiations
  • Applications in Cost Modeling
  • Principles of Contracting

Each course is followed up by an Assessment Exam and a certificate of completion – your choice of Missouri State University or SCE.

Supply Chain

All of SCE’s Supply Chain courses are based on both academic research as well as best practices utilized in Fortune 100/500 corporations from all over the world. We cover the full spectrum of the key areas in Supply Chain Management

Masterclass:  16 hours of on-demand/E-Learning:

  • ACOWL – Advanced Certificate in Optimizing Warehousing and  Logistics
  • BSCM –    Basics of Supply Chain Management
  • Coming 2023 – The Project Management Approach to Supply & Supply Chain Mgmt.

Professional Development:  6 hours of on-demand/E-Learning: 

  • Managing Risk in the Supply Chain
  • Applications in Demand and Forecasting
  • Fundamentals of Inventory Management
  • How to Optimize Logistics
  • 21st Century Project Management

Each course is followed up by an Assessment Exam and a certificate of completion – your choice of Missouri State University or SCE.

Ready to start learning?

Unlock the keys to efficient business logistics! Join our Supply Chain courses and elevate your skills to drive success. Register now for a journey toward optimized operations and strategic supply chain management.

Our courses include:

  •  SCE in partnership with BMTG, Ltd. trainings in the Learning Academy
  • Audio presentations featuring key educational points or CPSM/CPIM Alerts
  • Deep and rich textual materials
  • Applicable case studies
  • Unique approach to take both simulated exam questions (CPSM/CPIM)
  • Unique approach to take Assessment Exams 
  • Trackability of time spent in on-demand/E-Learning

Collaborative Partners

Missouri State University

International Leadership and Training Center

Based in Springfield, Missouri, USA endorses the SCE programs  as a professional university credits/certificates.  They provide high-quality, customized educational programs for business professionals and their work with SCE is in the Supply Chain field, focusing on major corporations in the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.



BMTG (UK) Ltd, headquartered in Scotland, specializes in business management training and consultancy.

Renowned for creating the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA®, the ground-breaking globally recognized certification for the modern-day Executive Assistant, BMTG (UK) Ltd also offers a range of courses in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Project Management

Supply Chain Education’s Patrick Woods is an authorized ACEA® trainer and has also conducted many BMTG (UK) Ltd courses in areas such as Procurement, Supply Chain, and Logistics.

Additionally, Supply Chain Education utilize BMTG (UK) Ltd’s Learning Management System (The BMTG e-Learning Academy) as a platform to support all Supply Chain Education’s stable of training programs including our classroom, virtual and self-paced programs.



iLead is a Swiss-based institute which houses visionary experts in the field of training and consulting from all around the world. They specialize in providing authentic and customized training solutions for specific industries and business sectors. Their founders and team of managers possess the highest level of international education and training in renowned institutes in Switzerland, the United States, Europe and The Middle East. Patrick Woods conducts Masteclasses for iLead in the Middle East.

Zenith Business Excellence


Zenith Business Excellence is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has more than 20 years of collective experience in training and event management, and understands the power of knowledge and training. They have had the privilege of witnessing first-hand how lives are changed when this power is harnessed effectively through empowerment, creativity and productivity with a focus on events in Malaysia and other parts of Asia.   Patrick Woods conducts Masteclasses for Zenith in Malaysia.


American Chamber of Commerce/Costa Rica

American Chamber of Commerce/Costa Rica based  in San Jose, Costa Rica.  AMCHAM is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has 133 organizations located and focused on key parts of the world.  SCE with it headquarters in Costa Rica is a member of AMCHAM-CR and has conducted key training programs in collaboration with this great organization.  For 2023 and beyond, SCE and AMCHAM-CR will be colloborating on key programs.


Executive training and events

Innoverto has been providing executive training programs both as open enrollment courses and customized in-house courses all over the world for more than a decade. Founded in 2011 with strong footprint across the Middle East and an established partner network with leading accreditation centers and universities, Innoverto strives to empower professionals with skills, knowledge and best practices so that they can take their vision higher and effectively improve the performance of their organisations.

Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant

The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA®

The Ground-breaking, Globally Recognised, Certification for the Modern-Day Executive Assistant

The role of the Executive Assistant is on a journey and the responsibilities of this highly demanding and visible role continue to grow exponentially.

This unique executive led program equips current and aspiring Executive Assistants with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

ACEA® is available as an intensive 5-day classroom course or remotely, via highly interactive and engaging, instructor led, live online class sessions.

We are trusted by more than 300 major companies, including:

We have helped students around the world in professional development.

Get in contact with us

We will be more than glad to tell you more about our educational offering, as well as answering any questions you may have.

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Darline Campos:

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